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storyboard has intimate relationship with the development

Written by JunHo Lee

* This article was translated by google. Original article is korean.

Recently our company has to further upgrade the operating Web services are completely upsetting the current system. ERD’s DB also has a new configuration server side as well as front-end side is also underway to work with the new design. Therefore, the facilitator, I have written a proposal from the beginning. The existing proposal if the focus on the structure and business logic of the system at this time has focused much the UI. In the process, incidentally, it looks like a lot of coding to create the storyboard as was the idea. So that code duplication is one of the most important parts will frequently use when the development is to use drag-and whenever the inheritance, or that such a move would create a function in part of the need to create proposals. In other words, as is the need to minimize sources, minimizing duplication in developing the proposal it would also duplicate the sentence is good. * The following information is suppose to create a storyboard PowerPoint (MS Office) and posts. And my very personal opinion.

Why is good to minimize redundant or duplicate statement from the storyboard screen?

1. Respond quickly to frequent changes and reduces the risk of typos. Consider that if you write a 100-page web application storyboard. However, the menu of the application has been drastically changed abruptly. Then you will need to change a menu containing all of the 100 pages. If the following will also take a lot of time to fix if you create beautiful part of the menu as a storyboard.storyboard_menu

So I create storyboards as shown below. Top Menu and enter common part of the description written in detail to create a separate slide and put the title on the menu only part of the page, as shown below, starting behind him. If this is true, just pretty to look angetji occurred fixes to efficiently Menu can only proceed with the project, because if you modify the slide without having to modify any part of the Menu page..


2. The developer is useful in designing the system. Typical developer, we must understand what the common area to enter the system design. So that due to minimize redundant code, and thereby to facilitate maintenance. But already mentioned the common part of the proposal and if the developers plan to match him in the position will be helpful in designing the system.

How can you minimize the redundant sentence or a screen in Storyboard?

But even on the mentioned one, what used to be a common functionality across the system should be identified. Every situation is different, but generally search and file attachments commonly used features are likely. The following screen will search UI commonly used in business management system called PODIO. If you create a proposal for this system because the UI is searching out below throughout the system it is good to create a separate slide on the “Search UI section. This allows you to see only one line is if you create the “Search UI section, mentioned earlier, when the situation occurs again the need to create Search UI. There is no need to redraw the screen because there is already geuryeotgi in the Search UI section. Therefore, if you can change this later, you can efficiently manage your proposal because you only need to change the Search UI section.

podio 검색

I attached the updated proposal Docswave while creating a separate section for creating search functionality called ‘common UI’, the file at this time, wrote the section on frequently used functions such as line payment capabilities. The screen is placed under “Search UI section” organize the search function used in Docswave.


Design study or development studies can be a great help in writing proposals.

In fact, most people see the storyboard is a designer and developer. Therefore, it should create a good proposal is to create a proposal that they easy to understand. So planners is also important to understand the customer, but the designer is also important to understand that there can be a developer to understand them and in my experience the best way is to study their field. In fact, the proposal to develop before and after I have studied differ in many ways. But my case is different for each person, it could be developed while studying to find an exception for better function was to create a more detailed proposal that than by creating nothing in the proposal for such exceptions. (* Of course, I developed It is not an absolute good.) The developers’ coding style is different, and the design style of the designer dareudeut the facilitator will also not unique styles to fit all the information mentioned above, because planners vary. However, it seems that just started planning might be helpful egen planners unfamiliar to create a storyboard. It is important to create a storyboard planners well egen Web services (but not the absolutely everything.) I hope everyone in the way of creating a good storyboard million each.

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